OpenMoko Things


I did a first application development attempt, with a simple example: a classic calculator.


Again playing with another example (very first early screenshot, and then another screenshot also showing a possible bug with the finger wheel - filed as #657 in the bugzilla).
Here is a tarball corresponding to this version of the software: openmoko-chrono-0.0.2.tar.gz.

Recursive configure

If you want to configure the entire OM-2007/ subtree using the autotools, you may try an approch similar to the one showed by the following patch for the OpenMoko SVN source tree: rec_conf5.patch. This patch was generated on March 24, 2007 (and it probably includes the above calculator).
This patch is certainly not up to date now. It was used like described in the following and I still use it to maintain a full tree buildable with the autotools. If you are interested, ask me and I'll be pleased to update the patch.

svn co
cd OM-2007
patch -p0 < rec_conf2.patch
cd devel/scripts/
Copy the xoo files gta01.xml and gta01.png here (I did not put them in the patch you should find them in SVN that's just to enable a custom launch script for xoo and some apps).
cd ../..
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/space/openmoko-svn/testinstall/lib/pkgconfig
Adapt this to the location of libgsmd and libipkg
. ./
You will need to hit return when gettextize is called (once)
./configure --prefix=/space/openmoko-svn/testinstall --config-cache
Check build success and install if appropriate
make install
Several apps should run in xoo
make distcheck
Should build a big blob but will certainly fail at the last minute with a stamp-it distclean error (lacks in a clean target in the gettextize-generated ...).

Rodolphe Ortalo